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February News

Provincial Mills has been hard at work in 2024 and we are excited to share what we have been working on!

Buy a Nib and a Fountain Pen Together

We are excited to offer six new options of nibs, with more options to come in the future. You can purchase one of the new Bock nibs individually and try it out for yourself or you can purchase a different nib to go with a fountain pen you are buying. All fountain pens will continue to come with a standard nib, but if you add a Bock nib to your fountain pen purchase we will test it prior to shipping, and we will install it for you! So, your pen will be ready to go with the nib of your choosing, when it arrives!

Scented Inks - Smell the Difference!

We have added eight new De Atramentis fountain pen ink colors to our collection. You can choose by color or by scent! Each new ink actually smells like its description! Some of our favorites here are cherry, green tea, and lavender.

We also want to thank Emanuel at De Atramentis for adding several bottles of free scented inks to give away at this years pen shows. Thank you very much for your continued help and support!

Aluminum Composite Pens

Late last year we started experimenting with creating pen bodies out of an aluminum composite. It took us a few months to get it exactly right and now we are excited to share that we are slowly adding these new pens to our website. In order to create an aluminum composite pen body we mix aluminum that has been broken down into a fine powder, with an acrylic bonding agent, then heat the blanks to solidify the materials. These composite bodies give a beautiful metallic look to the pen.

Valentine's Day

Don't forget about Valentine's Day! We have the perfect gift for that special someone. If you have questions or just want to ask about gift options, send us an email to

*Yes, I gave the flowers to my wife, after taking this picture!!

Don't forget your special someone, or treat yourself to a fantastic new gift this February!


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