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April Edition - "Don't forget Mother's Day, A Sneak Peek of Our New Shimmer Pens & Mastering Cursive Art"

Mother's Day Pen - The perfect blend of heart, rose, and gold!

Provincial Mills strives to provide new pens for specific holidays, seasons and special occasions. Creating a unique pen for a specific holiday can take weeks. We not only try to make the pen unique, but we also try to ensure the thought behind it ties to that special day. Testing various colors for a new acrylic body, finding the perfect kind of wood, selecting the perfect metal fittings, and picking the perfect style can sometimes be frustrating and time consuming. But finally finding that perfect combination makes it all worth it!

This year I think we did a very good job crafting a pen just for Mother's Day. We used purpleheart wood with rose gold fittings on the Vellichor fountain pen. This combination provides "heart," "roses," and "gold!" What more could a mother want?

A fountain pen on a gift box

Inspired by U... as in U-niverse!

Coming Soon: Shimmer Pens!!!!!

We have been hard at work crafting the latest line of pens: selecting, blending, mixing, waiting, turning, reviewing then starting all over until the combination of colors in our new acrylic bodies are perfect! This time, though, we are adding shimmer! We currently have five of the eight designed and hope to release the full set later this month. The new shimmer pens are inspired by some of the colorful and shimmering photos taken by NASA of the universe.

Here is a sneak peak at the first five pens!

If you aren't a subscriber to our website or our blog, subscribe today to be notified when this set is completed and the pens are available to purchase!

Incorporating Cursive with Art:

A Unique Approach to Sketchbook Journaling and Formal Art

While art is often associated with painting and drawing, handwriting, specifically cursive and calligraphy, is becoming a lost art. However, combining the two forms of expression can create a unique and beautiful artwork.

Sketchbook journaling is a great way to document your thoughts, ideas, and experiences through art and writing. It's a personal and creative way to explore your thoughts and emotions. One way to incorporate cursive with sketchbook journaling is to use it as a way to add text to your artwork. For example, if you've drawn a landscape, you can add cursive text to describe your feelings and emotions about the scenery. This can add depth and meaning to your artwork, making it even more personal and unique.

Incorporating cursive with formal art is another way to create a unique and beautiful artwork. One way to do this is by outlining a silhouette and filling it with cursive text. To do this, start by selecting an image or photograph of a silhouette that you want to use. Trace the outline of the silhouette onto a piece of paper or canvas. Next, start filling in the silhouette with cursive text. You can use quotes, lyrics, or even a poem that inspires you. Be creative with the font and size of the text to create a visually stunning artwork. Once you've filled in the silhouette with cursive text, you can add additional details or colors to complete the artwork.

Tips for Mastering Cursive Writing

If you're new to cursive writing, here are some tips to help you master this beautiful art form:

1. Practice regularly: Like any skill, cursive writing requires practice. Set aside time each day to practice your writing.

2. Start with the basics: Begin by practicing individual letters and then move on to connecting letters.

3. Use the correct grip: Hold your pen or pencil with a comfortable grip to allow for fluid movement.

4. Be patient: Cursive writing takes time and patience. Don't get discouraged if it doesn't come easily at first.

Adding cursive text to your art can add depth and meaning to your artwork. With practice and patience, anyone can master cursive writing and create stunning works of art.

For help you may look at some of our calligraphy supplies for paper, pens, and how-to-guides. Already set on your cursive, but want to try journaling? Check out some of the paper and notebooks offered at Provincial Mills.

Happy April!


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