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March News

We have a couple new items to share with you, a huge ink sale, Pen Show news, and do not forget about St. Patrick's Day!

Ink sale ends March 17th

All of our inks are on sale! Looking to get stocked up on your favorite brands? Make sure you visit our website by March 17th!

Fountain Pen Inks and Nibs

Pen stands and trays

We have added a couple new pen stands to our inventory. We make all of the pen trays and stands by hand.

2024 Pen Shows

This year we will be attending the St. Louis Pen Show and the Colorado Pen Show. The dates for the St. Louis Pen Show have been released and the show will run from June 20th to June 23rd. If you are in the area during the show, please stop by and say hello. The pen shows are a ton of fun and there is sooooo much to see.

The dates for the Colorado show have not been released yet, but it will be held sometime in October.

Last year we partnered with Robert Oster Inks to furnish door prizes for the Colorado Pen Show. This year we will be working with De Atramentis Inks and Monteverde Inks to bring many more door prizes!

St. Patrick's Day

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with our Irish Tide Victorian Fountain Pen! Our best selling fountain pen is the perfect St. Patrick's Day gift!

Irish Tide Victorian Fountain Pen


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