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May Edition - "Infinity Ink, Sealing Wax Tutorial, and Shimmer Pens"

Private Reserve Infinity fountain pen ink

Provincial Mills is once again carrying Private Reserve Ink! Over ten years ago we started carrying Private Reserve because the colors of ink could not be matched. Due to the company being sold and residual complications, Private Reserve has not been offered by Provincial Mills in several years. Welcome to 2024: We are once again pleased to offer a variety of Private Reserve fountain pen ink.

Several months ago, Private Reserve released Infinity ink for fountain pens. This ink has an extended cap off time! The ink will not dry out or cause the pen to not write. Our tests on the ink include the normal feathering, dry time, waterproof (for permanent inks), and general pleasure and smoothness.

We test new inks by using them in the pens we use everyday, around the shop. Each time we consider offering a new brand or variety we order a small amount, test it for a few months, and determine if we would like to offer it to our customers. So when Provincial Mills offers you a new variety you know it is because we love it, and think you will too!

The Private Reserve Infinity ink is one that we love using! Below are some photos of a few notes we made. The extended period of cap off time, is amazing! Here are a few extended explanations on the ink.

  • We have seen a few reviews where the cap off time can go overnight. We tried this two times and had to work with the pen to get the ink flowing again. It probably took us 10-15 seconds to get the ink flowing, but not bad for overnight! We did several tests ranging from 1 - 5 hours and had no problems at all. Keep in mind, all of our tests were done with our fountain pens and a Bock 1.1 stub nib.

  • Dry time was a bit extended. I can only assume this is because of the formula for the cap off time. We are comfortable saying the dry time is somewhere between 25 to 30 seconds depending on the pen and nib you are using.

  • We had no issues with feathering on Clairefontaine or Rhodia paper. We do write thank you notes on our packing slips for every order. The packing slips are printed on lower quality 20lb copy paper and there was feathering present. The feathering was not extensive and we continued to use the ink for the thank you notes.

  • Currently we only carry Infinity Ink in black, blue, and blue/black. We tested the blue/black. The ink flows very nicely out of the pen and it was pleasant to write with. For anyone who is looking for ink that will give them extended cap off time, we would recommend trying the Private Reserve Infinity ink.

Bortoletti Sealing Wax and Wax Lamp - a quick tutorial

It took a few months, but the shimmer pens are complete! The colors in these pens are themed and named, after photos from space. Along with the unique colors, we added small pieces of metal and mica to give the pens a glitter type look. Try out our Nebula, Celestial Fire, Stardust, Lunar, Quasar, or another galaxy inspired fountain pen from Provincial Mills.

Do not forget those upcoming holidays and events.

Mother's Day - May 12th

Graduation - The month of May is filled with graduations!

Fountain pen and Ballpoint Pen on a Graduation Hat


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