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July Edition: "Connect with the History of the Declaration of Independence, & Review of the St. Louis Pen Show"

The Declaration of Independence: A Pen-and-Ink Tale

Parchment and Quills

When Thomas Jefferson penned the immortal words of the Declaration of Independence in 1776, he did so on parchment – a durable material made from animal skin. Parchment was favored for important documents due to its longevity and formality. Timothy Matlack, an assistant to the Secretary of the Second Continental Congress, meticulously transcribed the Declaration using a patrician style known as English round hand or Copperplate⁴.

Ink: Iron Gall Ink

The ink used for the Declaration was iron gall ink. This ink, made from oak galls (a type of growth on oak trees), iron salts, and water, was widely used during that era. Iron gall ink starts off pale, but darkens over time, making it ideal for archival purposes. It's no wonder that this ink was chosen for such a momentous document³.

Interested in Connecting with America's History

Whether you're drafting your own declaration or simply want to elevate your writing experience, consider a dip or feather pen – a timeless link to our roots. Visit Provincial Mills and explore our curated collection of pen-related gifts and accessories. 🖋️✨

Remember, every stroke of the pen carries a piece of history. 📜🇺🇸

Try mastering Copperplate Calligraphy:

Try KWZ's Iron Gall Ink:

(While this is not the same Iron Gall ink they used on the Declaration, it has some of the same properties and was reformulated to be used in fountain pens).

Try a Dip Pen:

(Check out our collection, we have feather/nib, glass/nib, and wood/nib).

Exploring the 2024 St. Louis Pen Show: A Celebration of All Things Ink

Last month, pen enthusiasts gathered in the heart of St. Louis for the much-anticipated 2024 St. Louis Pen Show. At the Provincial Mills booth, we had the pleasure of engaging with passionate pen lovers and spending real time with customers face-to-face. We answered questions, laughed, and told stories with customers and vendors alike! What a great pleasure to be able to participate in this show.

Our Provincial Mills display showcased an array of treasures, but my favorite part was getting the entire family involved! In a world that moves faster than the blink of an eye, it was nice to spend some quality time with the family, while contributing to a common goal!

But the St. Louis Pen Show wasn't just about us. Vendors offered all kinds of products from fountain pens, to inks, to papers, to nibs, to pen holders, to t-shirts for pen lovers; there was something for everyone. The St. Louis Pen Show was more than an event; it was a celebration of shared passion, camaraderie, and the timeless allure of the written word. If you missed the show in St. Louis this year, we highly recommend you attend the 2024 Colorado Pen Show in October (more info to come).

So, until next time, fellow pen enthusiasts—may your nibs be smooth, your inks vibrant, and your paper ready for the stories you'll tell. 🖋️✨



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